Taste Of The Wild Wetlands Canine Formula 13.6kg

Taste Of The Wild Wetlands Canine Formula 13.6kg

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Taste Of The Wild Wetlands Canine Formula 13.6kg

Dog Food Taste of the Wild stands out in particular:

- All Life Stages-Nutrition - Food Taste of the Wild corresponds according to AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) requirements of dogs of all ages
- Pure meat from bison and wild - these selected ingredients are composed of easily digestible protein and fat and are for your dog opimálním source of energy and thus keeps him in good shape.
- No cereal - a form of free grain gives your dog a balanced diet for optimal health and vitality. Many vets sees the share of cereals in the diet as a cause of health problems, high carbohydrate content can lead to obesity, diabetes, digestive problems and other ailments.
- Balanced blend of proteins for optimum amynokyselinový profile - amynokyseliny are simple components for a healthy body. Fish meal of seafood with a high content of activated Omega-3
- fatty acids (DHA, EPA) ensures healthy skin and a shiny coat- Digestive system
- thanks to the dried chicory root extract and yucca Schidigera is formed in the intestinal flora balance, supported and strengthened immune system defenses dog
- Natural antioxidants
- fresh fruits and vegetables provide natural antioxidants and have a high content of zinc, vitamin E and selenium- Omega fatty acids
- Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids are complementary and help maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat- Sweet potatoes
- exotic sweet potatoes are nutritious and contain vitamin B, C and minerals- Raspberries and blueberries
- berries are rich in antioxidants and have thus protecting cell properties
- Tomatoes and tomato mass
- tomatoes supplied plant fibers for healthy digestion and contain vitamins necessary for health promotion and strong antioxidants such as beta
-carotene and lycopene
- Chelated minerals
- minerals and trace elements in natural, organically bound form for better bio

availability Feed Taste of the Wild - High Prairie is perfect for dogs of all breeds and sizes and it is the food that is prepared by nature...

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Taste Of The Wild Wetlands Canine Formula 13.6kg


Easily digestible proteins and fats as the optimal source of energy for your pet. The recipe is určenapro all life stages. Only regulates the amount of food. Made with real meat supplemented with sweet potatoes and peas.
• No cereals
• No by-products
• Multiple sources of animal protein
•Fruits and vegetables
• Chelated minerals
• For puppies, adult dogs and senior citizens

Granules Taste of the Wild recommends Whole Dog Journal, they are included in the TOP DRY FOODS 2012. The independent comparative Dog Food Analysis granules occupied the top spot. Look at the složení.Vyzkoušejte!

Feed Taste of the Wild - High Prairie is made in the USA from delikatesního bison meat and game, rich in fruits and vegetables. Instead of cereal contains healthy sweet potatoes and peas and offers your dog at all stages of life and natural antioxidants supports a healthy immune system

Biological food for dogs is built on the original lifestyle of dogs, but takes into account while changing lifestyle of regular feeding and less movement


 bison , game, lamb , dried meat , chicken , dried meat, eggs , sweet potatoes, peas , canola oil , roasted bison , roast zěřina , natural flavor , tomato, flour seafood, choline chloride , dried chicory roots , tomatoes , blueberries , raspberries extract Yucca Schidigera , Enterococcus faecium , Lactobacillus acidophilus , Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus plantarum extracts dried Trichoderma longierbrachiatum fmentation quality vitamins ( vitamin A , B1, B2 , B6, B12 , C , D , E ), minerals (Protein iron , zinc, copper, manganese, iron sulfate , zinc, copper, manganese ) , potassium iodide, manganoxid , biotin , kalziumpantothenat , natriumselenit , folic acid .