Sanicat Gold Clumping Cat Litter 6L

Sanicat Gold Clumping Cat Litter 6L

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Sanicat Gold Clumping Cat Litter 6L

Cats and cat owners alike simply love Sanicat Professional Clumping Gold! It´s simply a treasure ultra-clumping cat litter with a hint of golden colour of unique quality! Sanicat Clumping Gold is a premium product with a huge range of great attributes less dirt as 99.9% dust-free! Natural bentonite with high clumping capacity for easy clean-out Pleasant baby powder and plant extract scent for excellent odour control Compact format Side windows in the pack allow you to check content levels Included in delivery is a triple pack with each individual pack holding 6 liters.

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Sanicat Gold Clumping Cat Litter 6L


Sanicat Gold Clumping Cat Litter 6L

Clearly cats using Sanicat Professional Clumping Gold are delighted and happy. It is a land of great quality that brings together many qualities of other arenas.


clumping litter Sanicat Professional Clumping Gold:

    Less dirt. It is free of dust by 99.9 %.
    Natural bentonite clay with a great ability to clump and form balls.
    This makes cleaning easier because you only need to replace the ball can     let loose and clean sand.
    Talcum powder for babies and plant extracts to control odors.
    compact format.
    Thanks to the side windows of the package can control how much leftover sand.

A 99.9% dust-free clumping litter with a pleasant talcum powder fragrance.

- High-quality bentonite.
- Extra clumping power.
- Gentle talcum powder fragrance.
- Long-lasting.
- Highly economical use.
- 250% absortion strength.

Benefits: Dust-free, for those who want the most convenience without leaving a mark.

Aroma: Talcum powder.