Sanicat Bianca 5L

Sanicat Bianca 5L

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Sanicat Bianca Natural Absorbent Cat Litter 5 liters
Cat trapped in the smell of sand, is one of the important criteria to be spread around.
Another important criterion is the time temizlg sand and strength. This is not the total odors and sand that can be easily cleaned from top mostly is preferred. Normal sand cannot be aired as a special sands produced are often damp, also in the possession of biological organisms. These organisms, cat pee and they invite many diseases and threaten your health for you and your cat when in contact with the stool. Therefore, this sand should not be used in cats fed at home or indoors.

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Sanicat Bianca 5L

Sanicat Bianca

Maximum whiteness. Maximum pureness with the best clumping properties.

Ultra white Bentonite provides excellent clumping properties and odour control, making Bianca one of the most natural and effective cat litters on the market.

Its white color makes it look even cleaner.