Sanal Kitten 600g

Sanal Kitten 600g

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Sanal Kitten 600g
Tasty and healthy treats for your kitty. With salmon and taurine. Vitamins SANAL healthiest reward for your kitty. Ingredients: yeast, lactose, lecithin 1.0% lactate...

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Sanal Kitten 600g

SANAL Kitten

100% natural, delicious candy-tablets with vitamins and minerals kittens 6 weeks. A healthy delicacy with salmon and taurine, which is necessary to the new cat's proper development and growth. Contains no artificial additives.

Raw lactose, yeast, salmon, 1%, 2% taurine, lecithin 1% calcium lactate, calcium stearate, vit.B1, B2, B6, B12.


yeast, lactose, lecithin 1.0%, calcium lactate, calcium stearin, salmon 1.0% taurine 20000 mg / kg. These basic natural material contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12.

Declared quality features: crude protein 26.4%, raw fiber 0, 6%, asrest 3.7%, crude fat 4.5%. Dosage: Serve kittens 6 weeks of age: 3-5 tablets per day.


Kittens 6 weeks - 3 tbl. Day


30g / 40 tbl *

600g / 1000 tbl*