MERADOG Merado Mix 400g

MERADOG Merado Mix 400g

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MERADOG Merado Mix 400g

Treats for all dogs, even those with sensitive digestion.    Adapted and balanced recipe.

Tastes fresh from the oven:
keeps all of the nutrients and great taste.   
Made in Germany   

Balanced protein and fat content:
for optimal energy provision without burdening the metabolism 

Vitamin A: to support good eyesight, and healthy looking skin and coat   
Vitamin D: can strengthen bones   
Vitamin E acts as immune protection for cell walls 
Small size cookies, can use as traning rewards.

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MERADOG Merado Mix 400g

The Best Reward! Dining experience for connoisseurs.

Snacks Meradog Fein gemacht offers all "owners and paničkám" great diversity in rewarding their pets. Recipe deliciously fresh snacks have been developed based on the latest scientific knowledge. High quality and carefully selected ingredients creates an irresistible taste. Your dog will be happy to fulfill your instructions - or it simply just Pamper.

A healthy diet for your dog certainly a lot of thinking. Law. And how is it with treats, favorite foods?

Just as valuable as complete meals and snacks are Meradog Meradog Fein gemacht. With treats Fein gemacht also reward your dog an integral part of good nutrition. With these treats for your four-legged friend can spoil responsibly.


proteins 14.5%, 7% fat, 2% fiber, 5.5% ash

Ingredients: cereals, vegetable by-products, oils and fats, meat and animal by-products, vegetables, sugar, minerals

Nutritional Additives: Vitamin A 5000 IE vitamin D (as vitamin D3) 500 IE vitamin E 50mg

Technological Additives:

Antioxidants, dye