Diafarm Flexon Powder 400g

Diafarm Flexon Powder 400g

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DIAFARM FLEXON POWDER 400G- Joint mobility
Additive. It contains active ingredients that support joint mobility in dogs and cats, and paidlikkust.
Use FLEXON powder when there are joint stiffness or soreness, as well as heavy physical exercise, or aging.
Usage: 1 dose (1mõõtelusika full) = about 0.75 g.
Measuring spoon is inside the package. Mixed FLEXON feed.

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Diafarm Flexon Powder 400g

Composition: 5 g of a powder containing: glucose, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), maltodextrin, vegetable oil (coco), sorbitol, manganese (E5), 2.6 mg, natural non-plant origin components (glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate), an antioxidant. Analytical constituents: Crude <1%, crude fiber <1% fat 0.05%, crude 6.8%

Package size: 400g Säilivuseag and the lot: see the package

Storage: No special requirements. Manufacturer: Diafarm, Denmark.

Instructions for dosing day:

0-5 3 kg of body weight per dose, from 5 to 10 kg of body weight per dose to 4, 10 to 20 kg of body weight per dose 5-6, 20-40 kg body weight per dose 6-7, 40-60 kg of body weight per 7-8 doses. Please note: The dose may be reduced by half after about one month of operation.