Diafarm AURAL CARE  DOG 100ml

Diafarm AURAL CARE  DOG 100ml

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Diafarm AURAL CARE DOG 100ml
Diafarm Ear Cleaner 100ml.

Diafarm ear cleaner is a moisturizing ear cleaner for dogs.It carefully loosens dirt and earwax, relieving irritations in the ear.This will prevent any scratching that could lead to infections.The bottle is equipped with a special soft nozzle. In case the animal makes sudden moves, the ear will not be harmed as the soft nozzle system is very flexible.

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Diafarm AURAL CARE  DOG 100ml

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Squeeze 5-10 drops of ear cleaner into the ear.
Gently massage the base of the ear, before allowing the dog to shake its head.

Finally wipe away any visible dirt and ear wax with cotton wool.

Do not use ear cleaner on wounds. Keep out of reach of children.

EAR CLEANER 100ml. by Diafarm.


Aqua, propyleen glycol, isopropyl alcohol, boric acid, menthol, thymolie, benzyl alcohol, Metthylchloro-isothiazilinone, methyl-isothiazolione.